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Redflag History

Back in the late 90’s, a young New Jersey street cop working the beat was getting frustrated. To Dean L. Naddeo, it seemed like nearly everyone- from the uninsured motorist to the hardcore felon- was avoiding law enforcement detection by simply switching license plates on the vehicles that they employed.

It occurred to the young officer that despite numerous technological advances in the automobile industry throughout its 100 year history, somehow, the license plate had never evolved. Inexplicably, a piece of sheet metal stamped out by local prisoners and held on by a couple of screws had oddly remained the industry standard.

Within a mere 24 hours, Naddeo had already sketched out the design and outlined many of the basic features of his modern answer to the enduring license plate problem- the electronic license plate.

A short time later, Naddeo had earned Patent Pending with the United States Patent Office status for his new electronic license plates, and there was much interest:

The Newark Star Ledger even featured Naddeo and his invention in an article entitled, “Officer has a License to Dream”, followed by a cover story for NJ COPS magazine, “License to Invent”. Other news stories followed, as did radio shows and inquiries from several companies wishing to mass produce the plates.

In 2002, Naddeo was granted a United States Patent for his Electronic License Plates, and with this protection, he began to assemble a functional prototype.

Help came from Naddeo’s younger brother Justin, a supporter from the beginning. Justin introduced him to a young New Jersey Institute of Technology engineering candidate, Michael Passaretti, also the son of a local police officer.

Recognizing both his engineering abilities and his personal drive, Naddeo instantly signed Passaretti to the team, and prototype development was quickly underway.

Today, after years of diligent research, design and construction, First Sign Innovations LLC. is extremely proud to introduce Redflag™ Digital Display License Plates to the world. The license plate has finally evolved ™.